Approach Defines Achievement

At Raineri, this is more than just a phrase. It is a philosophy and business model that guides
everyone at Raineri on every project we touch. It begins with “outside-in thinking” which takes
the viewpoint of our clients as the key point of focus in every step of the value chain.



Raineri Construction’s crown jewel is the battle cry, “Today, not Tomorrow!” Also known as TNT, this motto means, “What can be done now shall not wait until later.” Our company maintains an internal publication called The Guidelines of Construction Management, a standards manual of company best practices.

Single-Source Accountability

To improve efficiency and trust, each client is assigned an on-site point of contact. This superintendent acts as a communication funnel and dedicated asset in the field for the duration of a project. This helps us achieve our goal of providing a direct chain of command with direct access to a decision maker on every job.

Open Book Contract Method

Raineri Construction adheres to financial accounting best practices. However, we offer as an option access to cost records throughout the project’s life cycle.


Raineri is serious about leading the industry in cost- reducing safety practices. Read more about our commitment to safety.

Parallel Scheduling

Parallel scheduling allows multiple aspects of a job to be performed simultaneously. This is in contrast to most serial site work that requires one task to be completed prior to beginning another. Our approach allows more work to be done in less time, resulting in a compressed project schedule.

Self-Performing Labor

Engaging self-perform labor benefits clients by being more cost-effective than subcontractors, but also more reliable, more accountable, and more efficient. That’s why Raineri retains many specialized self-perform employees on payroll at all times.

Lean Management

According to principal Anthony Raineri, “Raineri Construction is out to disprove the need for over-management.” Coupling improved communication with reduced overhead results in a more efficient organization and, ultimately, reduced management costs passed on to the client.

Mission & History

Ashley and Anthony Raineri started at the bottom of the construction industry and built successful careers leading to management positions. Noticing an industry need for excellence in operational and client-service approaches, they founded Raineri Construction in 2003. The result is a unique system focused on accountability, efficiency, safety, and communication at all levels and between all partners on a project.


At Raineri, safety begins with our people. That’s why our Safety Starts Here program was created as a constant reminder to our employees and partner contractors to put safety first in everything we do. Our company-authored 60-page Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) helps Raineri manage risk through industry-leading safety practices. This dedication to a safe workplace has resulted in a favorable experience modification rate, particularly for a young company, which helps reduce overhead and produces savings for clients. Inquiries on our current rating are welcome.

Our Team

Ashley Raineri

Anthony Raineri
Executive Vice President

Ada Brown
Vice President- Civil Construction